Hardware Refresh and Disposals

Is your IT equipment stretched? Are you planning on refreshing your companies’ hardware?

Our experienced and dedicated engineers can take the extra work from you. Providing full hardware refresh and safely disposing redundant IT equipment

Review your hardware

Here at TechOrganise our expect engineers can give you a clear understanding of your business hardware specs and understanding of the impact it could have on your business needs. By engaging with TechOrganise, we will be able to help determine if your systems simply need some maintenance or if a hardware refresh is you best solution. Below are two common signs show it may be time for a refresh.

Aging system:

Aging systems could cause a lot of problems for your company and usually starts out with performance issues, this can lead into whole system outages. These outages slows business productivity and cost you time and money.

Slow Performance

Slow systems means slow productivity for your business, performance issues can be caused by a lot of different factors from neglected software patches through to over-loaded hard drive. Adding more memory and processors to your servers can increase its performance, but not all systems can be upgraded (or upgraded further) and sometime that’s not the ultimate cause of your problems.

Source new equipment

Are slow machines and outdated equipment hindering the progress of your business? We are able to give impartial advice on the best PC, laptop or tablet for your needs and budget. We have our own selection of refurbished laptops as well as being able to source new equipment. Once you have your new computer we can set it up so you can get started straight away.

How It Works

We know how frustrating it can be when your computer isn't working or functioning the way that it should be. We specialise in computer, laptop servers and Mobile refresh, computer & laptop maintenance and computer & laptop upgrades, as well as software and hardware updates. Most refresh and upgrades to computer systems can be carried out on-site or at our workshop.
  • Laptop and Desktop refresh “windows 7 and 10 deployment”;
  • Severs and Nas refresh  “ESXi upgrade from version 5.5 to version 6.5;
  • Android and mobiles phones Refresh  “Outlook  set up, installing apps &Intune configuration;

Computer Disposal

Businesses are very concerned of disposing their redundant IT equipment because of sensitive data it may contain. At Tech Organise we provide a totally managed solution for the safe disposal of your redundant IT equipment. To give companies security, we collect IT equipment’s with our own van’s and destroy sensitive data on site. Our flexible approach enables us to assess our customers' requirements and provide an accurate and best service they require.

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